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Below the dotted line in the navigation bar you'll find "free ukulele lessons" I posted on YouTube. 

The 8 Tabs accompaning these lessons are a free bonus when you buy the four ukulele ebooks.

Ukulele Lesson Pack Volume 2

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Four Ukulele Lesson Packs plus bonus!

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Artwork "Play On" by Harriet Golden


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Tabs and videolinks are sent by me  personally to your Paypal emailaddress (or any other if you let me know).
This may take a few hours as I live in Europe.

You should receive your order within 24 hours after payment.  If not, do check your spam folder first, then contact me through my Paypal email or use the "contact me" on this website and I'll sort it out immediately.
Please check if your Paypal emailaddress is still valid!!!

All my ukulele songs use high G tuning, often tuned low to suit my voice. I explain this in the lesson video's and added it also in the videodescription of the performance video's.

I transcribed all songs and instrumentals in accurate tablature with rhythmic indication.

Lesson video's and lyrics are provided with the tablature.

If you haven't used ukulele tablature before check out this site to learn all about the signs uses etc.

UKULELE Lesson Pack Volume 2

The following 8 songs are taught :

1. BUCK RAG an instrumental based on the playing of Mance Lipscomb and Reverend Gary Davis

Original performance video


2. WEST SIDE BLUESan instrumental based on a piano/guitar duet and on a guitar version by Backwards Sam Firk

Original performance video

3. NEEDED TIMEan instrumental gospel blues based on the playing of Lightnin' Hopkins

Original performance video

4. I GET THE BLUES WHEN IT RAINSa bluesy version of a jazz standard, based on the playing of Big Bill Broonzy

Original performance video

5. EASY RIDERbased on the playing of Blind Lemon Jefferson

Original performance video

6. UKULELE GIRL BLUESan original by daddystovepipe

Original performance video


So what do you get when you order this ebook :

- 8 pages of detailed tablature

- links to 20 lessonvideo's, each video teaches a certain part of a song

the video's are on YouTube, so with the links they are always accessible and you can download them.

Each song has several video's : 

e.g. : Easy Rider has 3 video's. The first explains the verse, the second one the verse with the vocals (you'll know where each word fits in the tab) and a third video on the solo.

- page with all the lyrics

- page with video contents for easy reference

2 Bonus songs (tab and videolesson)

Pop's Uke Blues

A catchy fun tune

and "That's No Way To Get Along"

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