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Larry Johnson never made it big but his groundbreaking album "Fast and Funky" is very worthwhile to study.  It's a great example how a modern bluesman reworks old material and gives it a new original life.

The LP is long out of print, as is the reissue cd, but you can find  copies at Discogs

Or you can also listen to the LP on YouTube, not the best quality, but Larry's brilliance shines through

Elijah Wald wrote two excellent articles on Larry
scroll down to the middle of the page for the following article

There are some video's on YouTube of Larry performing but they represent his later work, when he, for a reason unknown, changed his style to more strumming than fingerpicking.

The performances below are my interpretations of his arrangements.  Technically they are not that difficult but they'll require practice.  Only when you know the guitar arrangement by heart you will be able to sing with them.
I'm tuned to standard tuning but a half step low for all the songs (except Ragged and Dirty).

18 pages of tabs, 115 minutes of video.  Lyrics provided and I pay special attention to the singing.

1- Charley Stone

A great of Larry's funky ragtime blues.  He brings new life to a standard ragtime progression in the key of G

Performance video

2- Keep It Clean

The original by Charley Jordan is in the key of E but Larry completely revamped it to the key of A. 

Performance video

3- Four Women Blues

A very unique approach to a blues in the key of C

Performance video

4- Up North Blues

Another unique approach to a medium tempo blues in the key of C

Performance video

5- The Beat From Rampart Street

A stunning masterpiece, no further comment, just listen to it.  Key of C

Performance video

6- Frisco Blues

Larry reworked a Memphis Minnie song into a bouncy toetapper.

Key of C

Performance video

7- Ragged and Dirty

Larry's take on another classic. No videolesson for this one, just tab.  It's a set piece and not that hard to play, only incorporating the vocals will take some practice.

Key of D standard tuning

Performance video

8- Seaboard Train Blues

A very bouncy piece, not too difficult to play.

Key of A standard tuning

Performance video

9- Two White Horses in a Line

Larry reworked Blind Lemon Jefferson's song, aka "See That My Grave Is Kept Clean", to something modern and swinging with some unusual twists.

Key of A standard tuning

Performance video                                  

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