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Lesson Pack Tabs Volume 9

These 10 tabs (    pages) accompany the lesson video's (    minutes) of the songs listed below.  With the tabs in hand you'll learn these songs much faster and easier.

Cost of this pack of 10 tabs  : only €12.50

That's really cheap if you imagine what you would pay a teacher for all this material.

I teach according the tab in front of me.  All songs are  transcribed so you can play a full arrangement with intro/outro and guitarsolo's.  I also pay special attention to the vocals, you'll know exactly when and where to sing.  Lyrics are provided with the tab.

To order : click on "buy now" and you are directed to Paypal to complete the payment.  Paypal will notify me and then Tabs/pdf's and eventual links to lesson video's are sent by me personally to your Paypal email address.

(or any other email address, if you let me know).
This may take a few hours as I live in Europe.

So tabs are not sent automatically, neither by snail mail, neither as downloadable links etc.

1- How Long Has It Been Since You Been   Home   

Key of E, standard tuning
Lightnin' Hopkins plays this moving song in the documentary film "The Blues According Lightnin' Hopkins".  It has a unique structure and not that hard to play.

Performance video

2- Fare Thee Well

Key of D, drop D tuning
A classic blues first recorded by Joe Callicott. 

Performance video

3- Tomorrow Night

Key of D, Drop G tuning (DGDGBE)
Lonnie Johnson's most successful song played using his old prewar style.  The minor chords are really easy to play in this tuning. 

Performance video

4- Shine On Harvest Moon

Key of C, standard tuning but tuned down a half ste
A fingerstyle version, without all the fancy jazz chords, of this classic jazz tune. 

Performance video

5- Shuffle and Slide

Key of D, Open D tuning
Inspired by the tasteful playing of Mike Dowling.

Performance video

6- A Good Woman's Love7-

Key of G, Open G tuning
A jazz standard composed by Sy Coben, played in the sophisticated style of Mike Dowling

Performance video

7- Take Your Time Rag

Key of C, standard tuning
A Furry Lewis song with many other influences

Performance video

8- I Hate Myself For Being Mean To You

Key of G, standard tuning
Another jazz standard made famous by the Boswell Sisters, played in the style of Mike Dowling. 

Performance video

9- Devil's Dream

Key of F, standard tuning
A Rev.Gary Davis instrumental in the key of F

Performance video

10- Let The Mermaids Flirt With Me

Key of D, Open D tuning
Mississippi John Hurt song in Mike Dowling's version.

Performance video

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