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6 instrumentals and 3 songs are taught

All the verses of each song are tabbed out and have accompagning video lessons that demonstrate every move plus valuable tips on slide playing in general.

1- Miss Stella Slides

A great song to get started.
A catchy melody and slide phrases that can be used in any bluessong.
Open G tuning but a semitone up so from low to high it's D#G#D#G#CD#
At the end of the last lesson video I also demonstrate how you can improvise using the material you learned.

performance video

2- Red River Valley

A free flowing bluesy version of a wellknown traditional
Open D tuning but a semitone up so from low to high its D#A#D#GA#D#

performance video

3- Blue Hula

A mix of blues and Hawaiian sounds.
Also in open G tuning tuned up a semitone

performance video

4- Blue Paloma

An avanced piece of Delta Blues playing.
Lotsa licks that are useful in any blues slide song.

performance video

5- Blue Shadows

An easy to intermediate instrumental in open G tuning.  A mix of slide and fretting.  Cool driving medium tempo in the style of Mike Dowling. All 6 verses are taught.
Lesson and performance video

6- Greyhound Blues

A slow blues in open D tuning.  Very detailed right hand instruction.

Lesson and performance video

7- Someday Baby Blues

The well known classic in open G tuning in the style of Mississippi Fred McDowell.

Lesson and performance video 

8- Trouble  in Mind                             

Classic in open D tuning; very detailed 42min long lesson

Performance video                                      


9- Jack O' Diamonds

Another classic in open D tuning based on the playing of Mance Lipscomb and Blind Lemon Jefferson

Lesson video                              

Performance video                    


Full Option Lesson Pack

For only  10 Euro more  I'll add to the above 8 songs all my previous slide lessons (they are already listed over several of the Lesson Packs).  This offer is interesting for those who don't have the Lesson Packs containing these songs yet.

You'll get following 10 extra songs in the "Full Option"

1- Titanic
Open D tuning - DADF#AD low to high
performance video

2- Keep On Trying
The Tampa Kid was one of the recording names of Charlie McCoy, brother of Joe McCoy who recorded a lot with Memphis Minnie. Charlie was mostly known for his excellent mandolin playing. I came to know the song through Mike Dowling's recordings. He recorded two (slightly different) versions.
Open D tuning but with capo on the second fret it sounds like open E tuning.

performance video

3- Come On In My Kitchen
My take on this Robert Johnson classic.
Open G tuning (DGDGBD) but tuned a half step up (like you would place a capo on the first fret)
performance video

4- Train I Ride
Open G tuning
My version ows to not only Mississippi Fred McDowell but also to Mike Dowling's excellent version
performance video

5- Furry's Warm Up Blues
I'm in open G tuning but a half step up. Low to high D#G#D#G#CD#
performance video

6- Snake Eyes Blues
Slidin' around on my old Supertone in open D tuning.
performance video

7- Things 's 'Bout Coming My Way
I'm playing in open D tuning but a half step higher (D# A# G D# A# D# high to low)
performance video

8- Shuffle and Slide
Open D tuning, capo II
performance video

9- Let The Mermaids Flirt With Me
This song was orininally recorded by Mississippi John Hurt (in standard tuning key of C); my version is based on the playing of Mike Dowling. It's in open D tuning with a capo on the second fret, resulting in open E tuning.
performance video

10- Walkin' Blues
Played in the style of Johnny Shines plus many other influences. Open G tuning but raised a half step resulting in (low to high) D# G# D# G# C D#
performance video

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