Slow Blues Lesson Pack

I get regular requests to make a slow blues lesson pack.  So, here it is.  However, know that the songs (1 to 10) are part of other lesson packs!

Slow Blues Lesson Pack

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1- The Sky Is Crying

A very cool slow shuffle blues in the key of E with two guitarsolo's.

Performance video

Lesson video's

2- When Did You Leave Heaven

Sing this for your loved one and she will melt away
Big Bill Broonzy's version, Clapton did this as well

Key of C

Performance video

Lesson video's

3- You Don't Have To Know The Words (to sing the blues)

my version of a classic based on Mike Dowling's version
Key of E and going unexpected places.

Performance video

Lesson video

4- Key To The Highway

My slow version of this classic 8-bar blues.                 Key of E, standard tuning.

Performance/Lesson video                        

5- Why

Based on a Jelly Roll Morton composition and played/sung in the style of Leon Redbone.    A slow jazzy blues

The video explains not only the tab but also demonstrates what to play when singing it.

Performance video                                     

6- Sportin' Life Blues

I arranged Dave Van Ronk's version and added some Lonnie Johnson fills to make it more interesting. 

Drop D tuning.  Intro/outro, verse, solo and fills are taugh and transcribed.  Great exercise in understated playing.

Performance and lesson video

7- Things 's 'bout Coming My Way

A great Tampa Red slide song in the style of Mike Dowling.  I teach all verses and three guitar solo's with two lessonvideo's  (the second lessonvideo will be sent with the tab).

This song has the same melody as Elmore James' "It Hurts Me Too" or the Mississippi Sheiks "Sittin' On Top Of The World".

Open D tuning tuned a half step up

Free lesson with tab for the intro and first verse

Performance video

8-  When My Baby Left Me

A slow blues in the key of A.  Uses the melody of Leroy Carr's "Midnight Hour Blues" but has different lyrics.  I tabbed out the song completely (except the last verse which is a repeat of the second verse) and added a 48 minute lesson video.  Lyrics are written under the tab for ease of learning.  The guitararrangement is based on the playing of Pat Donohue.  Lotsa cool licks that you can use in any slow blues in A.

Performance/lesson video

9. Blues Is A Woman

Medium slow and sensual jazzy blues based on a Pat Donohue recording.  I tabbed out the song completely and placed the lyrics under the tab for easy learning. Your fingers will hurt from all those bends but it will be worth it.

Key of E, standard tuning

Performance video

10- Fool's Paradise

Standard tuning, Key of E
Loosely based on Paul Geremia's version

Performance video

11- Ninety Nine

Standard tuning, Key of E
Based on a Sonny Boy Williamson song.

Performance/Lesson video

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