Special Deal

Buy any two packs, with a value of €14.90 each,  and get a third one, with a value of €14.90 for free.

Please read the procedure below carefully, it's the only way to get a third one foc!

How to order :

1- click on "buy now" below on this page and complete the payment.

2- use the contact form (see bottom of navigation bar) to send me a message with your choice of three packs.

When I receive the Paypal notification of your payment of €29,80 and your contact form message I will send the 3 packs to your Paypal email address.

Note : this special deal is only valid for packs that cost €14.90 

This excludes :
-all  "full option" packs,
-the "free guitar lessons" pack -the "Monster Pack".
-the ukulele packs

Ordering only through this page with the "buy now €29.80" button below. 

So if you order two single packs...with two separate payments, don't come whining for a third one for free.  The above rules are crystal clear, so please follow them.

Special Deal - Buy two packs and get one for free.

€ 29.80 

Use the contact form to let me know which three packs you want.

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