Leon Rebone Pack Volume 2

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Leon Redbone Volume 2

All these songs have been recorded by Leon Redbone and you can find his performances on YouTube.

All the lyrics are provided and  written under the tab for easy learning
Songs 1 to 7 are already part of other lesson packs but bundled here since they are all typical Redbone style songs.  Songs 8, 9. 10 and 11 are new.

1- Haunted House Blues

Key of G, standard tuning
A Bessie Smith song.  It's a jazzy tuned mainly strummed with a fingerpicked solo.  This one will set you ready for next Halloween.

Performance video

2- Christmas Ball Blues

Key of C, standard tuning tuned down a full step to D.
A typical Leon Redbone song in his relaxed style.  Easy and fun song to play.

Performance video

3- Shine On Harvest Moon

Key of C, standard tuning but tuned down a half step
A fingerstyle version, without all the fancy jazz chords, of this classic jazz tune.
Three pages of tab.  
The whole song is transcribed and all lyrics are written under the tab 

Performance video

4- Winin' Boy

Standard tuning, Key of C

A Jelly Roll Morton classic.  Three pages of tab with lyrics written under the tab.

Performance video

5- After You've Gone

Bessie Smith's rendition of this standard really stands out.  I found a version in the style of Chet Atkins (with that typical boom-chick bass) and show you how you can rearrange such an arrangement into an interesting bluessong by looking beyond the tab and adding especially variations in the right hand.

 Key of C

Performance video


6- Crazy Blues

The first commercially published blues in 1920, sung by Mamie Smith.  It's more a ragtime and vaudeville song with a bluesy feeling.  My rendition is based on the singing of Leon Redbone and the playing of Roger Sutcliffe. Key of C   Lesson video 29 minutes

Performance video


7- So Relax

Standard tuning but tuned down a half step; key of G

Performance video

8- Steal Away Blues

Standard tuning but tuned down a half step, key of C

Performance video

9- Baby Won't You Come Back Home

Standard tuning but tuned down a half step, key C
Bessy Smith made this one famous.

Performance video

10- If You Knew

Standard tuning but tuned down a full step, key of C Another great Jelly Roll Morton song.

Performance video

11- Sweet Mama (Papa's Gettin' Mad)

Standard tuning Key of C

Performance video                         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmYjTBkdqcc

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