Lonnie Johnson volume 2 Postwar Style

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In this ebook I teach 3 songs, all in the key of G, in Lonnie's postwar style (strumming, in standard tuning, mixed with single string runs).
Although the 3 songs are in the same key they sound very diffferent.
I use a thumbpick and play almost always, like Lonnie, downstrokes.  So you have the choice to play these songs with a flatpick or thumbpick.
Lyrics are included with the tab.

1. Too Late To Cry

A great blues  Lonnie Johnson recorded in 1963.    My version is based on the one he played on the dvd "The American Folk Blues Festival - The British Tours". To have some variation I added many licks he played on other recordings.  The 5 page tab transcribes the intro, the first verse, all the fills of the other verses (the accompagniment is the same as in the first verse) and the two solo's.  I also transcribed a third solo which he played on the LP version of this song as well as some extra licks.  I will also provide a mp3 recording of the dvd version as it's no longer available on youtube as well as the complete tab for that song.  So you'll have tab for my version as well as his.   The video lesson is about 60 minutes long and I also cover the singing, the lyrics are provided and written under the tab for the first verse.

Performance video


2. I Found A Dream

Lonnie loved to play ballads and this song is a great example.  This song  is not difficult to play.  Learning the solo, unaccompanied, will be good practice for your timing.  Also the timing for the singing is taught.

Videolesson is 19 minutes, 4 pages of tab for the intro and solo and chord  indications for the accompaniment. 

Performance video


3. Someday Someday Baby

This song is based on several songs by Lonnie.  Mainly a song he called "Moaning Blues" for most of the verses and "Rocks In My Bed" for the solo.  Videolesson 40 minutes, 4 pages of tab.I transcribed the intro, the first two verses, all the fills for the third and fourth verse and the solo.

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