Can I download and save your performance/lesson video's to my computer?

I advise you to do that as all my video's are YouTube video's and who knows what the future may bring.  Download the video's on your computer and they will be yours forever.

I use "4kdownload"   It's free for a limited number of downloads but I bought it, it's not that expensive.  There are other free downloaders but they are chockfull of virusses, popups etc, so beware.

If you do a youtube search for "4kdownload", you'll  find video's on how to use it (really simple).

The easiest thing to do afterwards is to make a 'daddystovepipe' playlist on your youtube channel.  Put all the video's you want to keep in that playlist.  Then you can copy and paste the url of that list into ''4kdownload" and it will automatically download all the video's in the playlist (saves you copy and pasting every video separately).  4kdownload will automatically store all the video's in a folder named
"4k video downloader".  Eventually you can drag the video's to other folders of your choosing. 

"4kdownload" has also a very useful conversion tool to make mp3's of any youtube video.  Put the mp3's  on a memory stick and listen to the songs in your car (listening is half the battle when learning music).


I did not receive my order within 24 hours of my payment?

Please  check your spamfolder first.  Sometimes your order, an email with pdf attachments, ends up there.

If it's not there, contact me through the contact form on this website or use my Paypal emailaddress.  I'll get back to you very fast and will sort it out immediately. 
Please don't open a Paypal dispute, it will hold up things and is not a civil way to interact. 

Is my emailaddress safe with you?

Yes, absolutely.  I will only use it to send out your order.  After that you will never hear of me again. So, if you want to be informed of new tabs/lessons, you'll have to consult the website or subscribe to my youtube channel.

Additions to existing lesson packs.

Sometimes I add new songs to an existing lesson pack. If you bought that pack in the past you are entitled to the additional songs free of charge.  But you will have to find out that yourself by checking the website or my YT channel (I don't send out any marketing emails. Why : see "Privacy" chapter). 
Contact me with proof of purchase and I'll send the addition(s).

I'm new to fingerpicking, what lessons do you recommend?

This question pops up regularly.
It's essential that you have mastered the monotonic and alternating bass to be able to play any of the songs on this website.
So please, check out following free lessons for beginners to get acquainted with the style.

You'll find links to the free tab for these lessons in the videodescription of above video's. 
If you can play these songs you can play most of the things I do, with some (daily) practice of course.
All the lesson packs have easy and difficult songs. So there's no way to say start with this or that.
However, I assembled a "Easy Lesson Pack" with, in my opinion, easy songs from all the other packs. See navigation bar for more info.

Take some time to  check out the performances and judge for yourself if they are within your reach.  Playing/practicing what you like is always easier and will motivate you to carry on.

Can I order single tabs listed in lesson packs and ebooks

Yes, you can, but single tabs are more expensive (€7.50 a piece).  Go to the "Individual Tabs and Lessons" page for more info.

Do you give discounts? 

Sorry, no.  I think my tabs and lessons are very detailed and affordable. 

Do you do requests of songs/transcriptions?

No, I regret to say I don't have time to do this.
I can guide you to professional transcribers though.

Do you gig?

Almost never.  I'm a livingroom picker and I prefer spending my free time on producing new material instead of practicing (booooring) for performances.

Sometimes I get an email saying : "I got a computer crash and lost the links  to the lessons and the tabs I bought...!"

I do not keep any sales records (why, see privacy chapter) but no problem, I will resend the tabs and videolinks free of charge, but only if you send me
a screenshot of your Paypal payment.

The symbols I use in the tablature :

  • h = hammer-on.
  • p = pull-off.
  • for a "bend" I use an arrow pointing up or down
  • / = slide up.
  • \ = slide down.
  • ~~~ = vibrato.
  • x = muted hit or percussive slap
  • ^ = to indicate a note that is played staccato (a note sharply detached or separated from the others)

Why are your tabs handwritten and why do you place the numbers between the lines and not on the lines?

The template that I use to handwrite my tabs has 7 lines and 6 spaces between those lines.  Every space represents a string.  The top space is the thin E string and the bottom space is the thick E string.
I grew up with this system as it was used by Stefan Grossman in his first books.

Handwritten numbers are impossible to place all at the same level on a line and give them all the same size.  This is easely done when you place them between the lines.  All numbers will have the same size and be at the same level, hence a much better readable manuscript.

Handwritten manuscripts are much shorter than computer written scores (their spacing is awful, way too large).  You will learn a song much faster with a manuscript that takes only two or three pages.  This way you will understand the construction of a song better.
Please check the section with "Free Guitar Tablature" to see some examples.
The size of the numbers on the tab are larger than usual, I can read them without reading glasses.

Why handwritten : I love to write by hand, it's kinda "Zen", yes, I'm old fashioned.  Did I tell you that I don't like computers and learning new software....

What kind of strings do you use?

D'Addario custom light EJ26 for most of my steel string guitars.  Sometimes standard light but not heavier.  I used heavier strings for slide but stopped with that.
D'Addario Pro Arte extra high tension for the nylon string guitar.
I can't find much difference between brands and I sure don't like those greasy coated ones.

When did you start playing the guitar?

I heard Big Bill Broonzy play "St Louis Blues" on the radio and was hooked on acoustic blues since then.  That was in 1969 when I was 14 years old.  I had a friend who played a bit of guitar and he learned me a few chords and how to tune it.  That's all the teaching I got.
I went to London to buy records (I'm Belgian) and also found a few Stefan Grossman blues books.  It got me fingerpicking soon and I'm still at it...

How do you record your YouTube video's?

For the HD video's I use a Canon Legria HFG10 camcorder with a Canon DM100 microphone mounted on top.
I edit the beginning and ending with the Canon provided software (very easy to use).  The sound is in no way enhanced; it's the natural recorded sound what you hear. 

The older not HD video's were recorded with a JVC camcorder using its internal mic.

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