Free Video Guitar Lessons with TAB

All the video lessons below have TAB (unless indicated).
A few have only a performance video (also indicated)

You can have all these tabs in one batch for a one time fee of €29.90
Currently there are 54 songs in this batch.

I will add more TABS in the future, free of charge and you will have permanent access to that, since you  have already the dropboxlink and the videolessons are free on my YouTube channel (links also below) .

The songs are listed alphabetically. 
When you watch them on YouTube, please open the videodescription for additional info.

Instrumentals are marked with a "*"

I will raise the cost for the batch gradually, when more tabs are added in the future.

To order : click on "buy now" and you are directed to Paypal to complete the payment.  Paypal will notify me and then Tabs/pdf's and eventual links to lesson video's are sent by me personally to your Paypal email address.(or any other email address, if you let me know).
This may take a few hours as I live in Europe.
So tabs are not sent automatically, neither by snail mail, neither as downloadable links etc.

TABS for the free videolessons

€ 29.90 

- All I Ever Need Is You
Standard tuning

- Arms of Mary*/Leo Kottke
Open G Tuning

- BJ*/Leo Kottke
Drop D Tuning, no lesson only performance video

- Blind Willie McTell slide lesson*
Open G tuning

- Blos*/Harry Sacksioni
Standard Tuning

- Blues on My Lap*
Open G tuning, lapslide guitar - 5 lessonvideo

- Booze and Blues/Ma Rainey/Charlie Patton
Open G tuning, slide guitar

- Bo's Policy Blues*/Bo Carter
Drop D tuning (tuned down a half step)      

- Bye Bye Baby Blues/Little Hat Jones
Standard tuning Key of G, capo I
- Champagne Charlie*
Standard tuning Key of C

- Chattanooga Rag*/Norman Blake
Standard tuning key of F

- Country Boy/Muddy Waters
Standard tuning, Key of E

- Crow Jane/Carl Martin
Standard tuning, Key of E

-Dead Thumb Blues #1*
Drop D tuning                                          

-Dead Thumb Blues #2*
Standard tuning, Key of A

-Dead Thumb Blues #3*
Standard tuning, Key of E

-Douce Ambiance*
Standard tuning, Key Abm

- Down to the Praying Ground/Kelly Joe Phelps
Open G tuning

- Farewell Baby Blues/Ma Rainey
Standard tuning, Key of C

- First To Go*/Leo Kottke
Drop D tuning

-Greyhound Blues*
Open D tuning

- Happy Meeting in Glory*/Joseph Spence
Drop D tuning

- House of the Rising Sun*/Charlie Byrd version
Standard Tuning, no lesson video only performance

- How Long Blues/Leroy Carr
Standard tuning, Key of E

- If I Ever Get Lucky/JB Lenoir
Drop D tuning, tuned a half step low

- If I Should Lose You*/Chet Atkins version
Standard Tuning, no lesson video only performance

- If You See My Saviour
Standard Tuning, Key of C

- Jingle Bell Rock*/Rick Ruskin arr.
Standard tuning, Key of G
- Lonnie Johnson "Signature Lick" lesson*
Drop G tuning DGDGBE low to high

- Lonesome Town* 
as played by Rami Osservaser for B&G guitars ad
Standard tuning

- Lonnie's Tune*/Lonnie Johnson/Woody Mann
Drop D tuning

- Lowdow  Dirty Dog/Son House
Open G tuning

- Mercy Mercy*/Chet Atkins version
Standard tuning, no lesson video only performance

- Michelle*/Beatles
Standard tuning

- More Minnie's Blues*/Memphis Minnie style
Open G tuning

- Near The Cross*/Gospel slide song
Open G tuning

- Pal O' Mine/Blind Willie McTell
Standard Tuning/12 string guitar tuned down to C
No tab nor lesson video, performance only, leadsheet lyrics with chords

- Paramount Rag*/Norman Blake
Standard Tuning

- Pleasure and Pain*/Ben Harper
Open D tuning/lapslide guitar

- Pile Driver Blues/Memphis Minnie
Standard tuning Key of E

- Right of Way Blues/Blind Lemon Jefferson
Standard tuning Key of E, but tuned down a 1/2 step

- Roger's Marriage Rag/Roger Mason
Standard tuning Key of C

- Romantic Rag/Steve Wearing
Standard tuning Key of C

- So Relax/Leon Redbone
Standard tuning tuned down a half step

- Sour Jive*/Woody Mann
Standard tuning Key of A

- Stella Sovereign Blues*/daddystovepipe
Standard tuning/no tab, just lesson video

- Sweet Daddy Lowdown*/Blind Blake
Standard tuning, Key of C, no lesson video, performance only

- Tasmanian Slide*/daddystovepipe
C6 tuning, CEGACE low to high, no lesson video, performance only

- Thing's 'Bout Coming My Way/Mike Dowling/Tampa Red
Open D# tuning, slide guitar, tab for intro and verse one
The rest of the song is taught in Lesson Pack 5

- Travellin' Man Blues
Standard tuning, Key of C

- Until It's Time For You To Go*/Chet Atkins
Standard tuning, Key of C, no lesson video, performance only

- Wild About My Lovin'
Drop D tuning

- Windy Day in the Prairiegarden*/daddystovepipe
Open D tuning, lapslide guitar

- When I'm 64*/Beatles
Standard tuning, Key of C

- Woke Up This Morning With My Mind On Jezus
Open D tuning, slide guitar

- You Don't Know My Mind/Joe Callicot
Standard tuning, Key of G, no tab, lesson only


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