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All Instrumental Pack

I've been often asked to make an all instrumental pack, so, here it it.  The instrumentals #1 to 11 already featured in other packs though.

But I will add new instrumentals to this pack.  They start with #12.  The videolessons will be free on my YouTube channel or below on this page and the tabs will be added to the dropbox.

So once you bought the pack all the additions are free of charge.  The tabs will be added to the dropbox.

So, sub to my YT channel and check the dropbox for additions (I don't send out notifications, why, see "Privacy" chapter in the navigation bar below).

1- Minnie's Blues
Open G tuning (DGDGBD) in the style of Memphis Minnie
Performance video

2- Shufflin' Tha Blues
3- McGee's Rag

Key of C, standard tuning.
Composed by John Pearse using many "cliché's" of the genre.  Also a very playable ragtime piece.

Performance video

4- As Time Goes By

Based on an instrumental version by Guy Van Duser.  I play it slower and with more feeling.  Lotsa arpeggio's.  The instrumental version and the version with vocals are identical.

Performance video

5- Bean Rag

A little rag based on the playing of Bo Carter, Blind Blake and Blind Boy Fuller.  Key of C

Performance video        

6- Texas Blues in A

A slow to medium slow instrumental.  7 verses based on the playing of Texas blues greats like Blind Lemon Jefferson, Lightin' Hopkins, Mance Lipscomb and Funny Papa Smith.

You should consider this song as a "library" of licks and right hand techniques in the key of A.

Performance and Lesson Video

7- Blue Monk

A bluesy jazz classic, lotsa licks in the key of E (Lightnin' Hopkins with a Jazz twist)

Performance and lessonvideo

8- Shuffle and Slide

Key of D, Open D tuning

Inspired by the tasteful playing of Mike Dowling.
Three pages of tab, fully transcribed.

Performance video

9- Le Petit Père  Cirage
Key of C, standard tuning
A french musette piece with some ragtime influences.  Originally arranged and recorded by Alain Giroux.

Performance video

10- Weeping Willow

Key of G, standard tuning.
A classic rag by Tom Turpin.  An easy arrangement by Pete Berryman.

Performance video

11- Shuffle in open G
Key of G, played in open G tuning (DGDGBD).  A nice shuffle with a lot of variations based on the playing of Mike Dowling. The tab includes my version as well as Mike Dowling's version

Performance/lesson video

Mike Dowling's performance video

12- Georgia Grind

A delicate Ragtime piece in drop D tuning

Performance/lesson video

13- Sunset Lake Rag

A beautiful rag composed by the late Woody Mann.  I added some variations and a lot of syncopation 

Performance/lesson video

14- Vicksburg Blues
The famous Little Brother Montgomery song based on an arrangement by Woody Mann.

Performance/lesson video

15- Last Singing
Based on Woody Mann's playing of this Reverend Gary Davis' song.  No videolesson, tab is not my version but what Woody plays on his cd "Tribute to the Reverend".  Open the videodescription of the performance video for more info.

Woody's performance (this is tabbed out)

16-Bo's Devil Blues
Based on Bo Carter's "Old Devil"

Performance/lesson video

17- Four O' Clock Blues
Standard tuning Key of E
A slow blues fitting the early hours of the day

Performance/lesson video

I also used this guitar accompaniment for my version of "Mean Old Word"

18- Blooming Fields Rag
Standard tuning Key of C
Based on a ragtime piece by Mike Bloomfield; he recorded it under two different titles : "Effinonna Rag" and "Wheelchair Rag"

Performance/lesson video

19- Chattanooga Rag                        Standard tuning Key of F
Based on the playing of Norman Blake

Performance/lesson video

20- Paramount Rag
Standard tuning Key of C/G
A Norman Blake arrangement

Performance/lesson video

21- Dead Thumb Blues #2
Standard tuning Key of A
An instrumental I pieced together based on the playing of Scrapper Blackwell, Robert Johnson and others.

Performance/lesson video

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