Lesson Pack Volume 12

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Lesson Pack Tabs Volume 12

These tabs accompany the lesson video's  of the songs listed below.  With the tabs in hand you'll learn these songs much faster and easier.

Cost of this pack of tabs  : only €16.50

That's really cheap if you imagine what you would pay a teacher for all this material.

I teach according the tab in front of me.  All songs are  transcribed so you can play a full arrangement with intro/outro and guitarsolo's.  I also pay special attention to the vocals, you'll know exactly when and where to sing.  Lyrics are provided with the tab.

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"*" : indicates instrumental piece

1 - Midnight Hour Blues

Key of A, standard tuning.  
Composed and recorded by Leroy Carr in 1932.  A real blues classic.  A slow moody version based on the playing of Mike Dowling and many others.  Some fancy jazz moves give this song a sophisticated sound.
I transcribed the intro/outro, the first two verses (lyrics under the tab), the two solo's and a fill variation.  In the lesson video I show some other fill variations as well.

Performance video

2 - Last Go Round

Key of A, standard tuning.
A lively almost raucous blues.  I always wanted to do something with Memphis Minnie's "Ain't Nothing in Ramblin" and took some moves of that song but used some of the lyrics of Mance Lipscomb version of "Joe Turner", et voilà, a new song.  Some heavy thumpin' is going on here.
I transcribed the intro/outro, the first two verses (lyrics under the tab) and the three solo's.  In the video I also show how I used some licks of the solo's in the verse accompaniment.

Performance video

3 - Avalon Blues

Key of E, standard tuning. 
Mississippi John Hurt had an interesting way of playing in the key of E.  "Avalon Blues" is a good example of that.  The way he played the IV chord is unique in fingerpicking blues.  In the solo I take this a step further and use several substitutions for the E, A and B7 chords.

Performance video                

4 - Ragged and Dirty

Key of D, open D tuning. 
A reworking of the welknown Willie Brown song, originally in the key of G but transposed to open D.  Much of it is based on Mike Dowling's version.
I transcribed the intro/outro, the first verse (lyrics under the tab), the fill variations for the other verses and the solo.

Performance video   

5 - Silver City

Key of C, standard tuning.
Based on Mance Lipscomb's version but with an alternating bass instead of a monotonic bass.
I transcribed the intro, first verse (lyrics under the tab) and the solo.

Performance video                                             https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5p9Ud2bcnE                

6- Marie

Key of G, standard tuning.
The Irving Berlin classic in the quircky style of Leon Redbone.  Easy left hand but the right hand may take some practice to get into Leon's style. Fully transcribed with lyrics written under the tab.

Performance video 

7 - They Didn't Believe Me*

Key of C, standard tuning.
Instrumental version of this Jerome Kern standard from 1915.  I reworked an arrangement by Joel Mabus. Transcribed in full.  No videolesson, just tab.  Not difficult to learn if you have the melody in your head.

Performance video                                             https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71q4qXCoj_U                

8 - Delia

Key of D, drop D tuning.
A very intimate song.  Usually played in the key of C, like Willie McTell, but I chose to be inspired by the version of David Bromberg.

Performance video                                             https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IHBWKXLMpQ               

9- Blind Boy Rag*

Key of C, standard tuning.  
My arrangement of this iconic ragtime piece by Taj Mahal. 

Performance video                                              https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zq0r7oIe9mc  

10- Rapid Transit Blues*

Key of A, standard tuning.
A lively Duck Baker instrumental, lotsa good ideas to use in a blues in the key of A.
No lesson, just accurate tab (full song).

11- I Been Down So Long

Key of E, standard tuning capo IV
A JB Lenoir song and a great exercise in shuffling.

Performance video

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