Lesson Pack TABS Volume 4

€ 16.50 

Lesson Pack Tabs Volume 4

These 10 tabs (26 pages) accompany the lesson video's (265 minutes) of the songs listed below.  With the tabs in hand you'll learn these songs much faster and easier.  Every song has a separate lesson video, some are already listed below.

Cost of this pack of 10 tabs  : only €16.50

That's really cheap if you imagine what you would pay a teacher for all this material.

I teach according the tab in front of me.  All songs are  transcribed so you can play a full arrangement with intro/outro and guitarsolo's.

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Following songs/TABS are included :

1- Texas Blues in A

A slow to medium slow instrumental.  7 verses based on the playing of Texas blues greats like Blind Lemon Jefferson, Lightin' Hopkins, Mance Lipscomb and Funny Papa Smith.

You should consider this song as a "library" of licks and right hand techniques in the key of A.

Performance and Lesson Video


2- Slow Down

A slow unusual 8-bar blues based on a J.B. Lenoir song.

A great song to practise rhythm and feeling.

Key of E.  Lesson video 23 minutes.

Performance video  



3- Going To Germany

A well known jugband song by Gus Cannon.Very charming song with an unusual progression.  btw, the song is not about Germany but "Germa", short for Germantown, a suburb of Memphis.

A fun song to play and sing.  Key of C

Lesson video 29 minutes.

Performance video


4- Crazy Blues

The first commercially published blues in 1920, sung by Mamie Smith.  It's more a ragtime and vaudeville song with a bluesy feeling.  My rendition is based on the singing of Leon Redbone and the playing of Roger Sutcliffe. Key of C   Lesson video 29 minutes

Performance video


5- Sportin' Life Blues

I arranged Dave Van Ronk's version and added some Lonnie Johnson fills to make it more interesting. 

Drop D tuning.  Intro/outro, verse, solo and fills are taugh and transcribed.  Great exercise in understated playing.

Performance and lesson video


6- Rope Stretchin' Blues

One of Blind Blake's most intriguing songs.  The tab of my version contains the intro/outro, the first verse, variations used in other verses, the solo.

Performance and lesson video


7- Railroad Blues

This guitararrangement (in the key of C) is based on Memphis Minnie's "Chickasaw Train Blues".  Her harddriving style is very apparent in this song.  It's also one of the very few songs she recorded without accompaniment of one of her husbands.  The 2 unique guitar solo's are really setting this piece apart. I transcribed the song completely apart from a few fills, which are explained in the lesson video (29 minutes)

Performance video


8- Fighting The Jug

A great Blind Blake song in the key of F.  Lotsa double bass playing and interesting solo's.

Performance and lesson video

9- Krazy Kat Boogie

Fast instrumental in the key of E.  The lesson video features my amplified nylonstring guitar but for the perfomance I use a steelstring. Lesson video 20 minutes.

Performance video 


10- Saturday Blues

Ishmon Bracey's best song.  Not hard to play. Key of E
Lesson video 18 minutes.

Perfomance video


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