€ 9.50 

You can order an individual Tab with videolesson from any Lesson Pack or artist pack.   

They cost €9.50 each.

To order  ONE TAB : click on "buy now" and you are directed to Paypal to complete the payment.  If you click on "What's this for" on the Paypal page, you can add a message with the songtitle you want, if this doesn't work send me a separate message throught the contact page (see bottom of the navigation bar).

Paypal will notify me and then you will receive an email with the tab/pdf and lesson link.

Please, be specific, a few songs have several versions in different keys.
Please check if your Paypal emailaddress is still valid!!!

You should receive your order within 24 hours after payment.  If not, do check your spam folder first, then contact me through my Paypal email or use the "contact me" on this website and I'll sort it out immediately.

I noticed more and more people seem to prefer a single tab/lesson instead of a pack.  I can understand that if you want three songs out of three different packs that buying three packs can seem a waste.
So I'm offering a quantity discount (although packs will always be much cheaper).

Buy two   single tabs    : €15
Buy three single tabs    : €20
Buy four   single tabs    : €23
Buy five or more           : €5 per tab

How to order multiple tabs : go to the bottom of the navigation bar and click on "CONTACT"; send me a message with the titles of the songs and I will send you a Paypal Money Request.  Upon receipt of your payment I will send the tabs/pdfs with the videolinks to your emailaddress.

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