Lightnin' Hopkins Volume 1

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Lightnin' Hopkins Volume 1

Six tunes are taught from beginning to end, with tab and video's.

Note : there are other Lightnin' songs tabbed in "Lightnin' Hopkins Volume 2" and Lesson Pack Volumes 1-2-3-4 and 8.

1- Long Time

Lightnin' recorded this short instrumental when he was rediscovered by Mack McGormick in 1959. He didn't record many slow instrumentals so this is kinda special.
The recording session was very informal and Lightnin' was in great form.  Although short it contains many of his typical licks.  You can find the original on the excellent cd "Country Blues" Tradition TCD1003.
I transcribed the full song and explain/demonstrate it in great detail.

Standard tuning  key of E but  tuned a half step low (D# A# F# C# G# D#)

Lesson video of 22 minutes included

Performance video

2- Hoodoo Blues

Many artists were influenced by Lightnin' so it's no wonder that Louisiana Swamp Bluesmen like Silas Hogan and Lightnin' Slim' owed much to Lightnin's way of playing in the key of E when they recorded their versions of "Hoodoo blues".
I used Silas Hogan's accompaniment for this song and adapted two typical Lightnin' solo's.  I tabbed out the intro, the first verse and the two solo's.  The two short variations in the second and third verse are also explained in the video.

Standard tuning Key of E but  tuned a half step low (D# A# F# C# G# D#)

Lesson video of 33 minutes included

Performance video

3-Talk With You

Here's what you can do if you take a simple song, in this case "Talk With You" by Danny Kirwan/Fleetwood Mac, and put some Lightnin' licks in the shuffle.  I also used some licks played by Geoff Bradford and Pat Donohue.  So I ended up with a modern sounding blues with lotsa Lightnin' licks.
Tabbed out completely

Standard tuning Key of E but  tuned a half step low (D# A# F# C# G# D#)
Lesson video of 44 minutes included

Performance video

4-Lightnin' Strikes

A simple instrumental in the the key of A but in drop D tuning, tuned a half step low (like Lightnin' often did), that results in  C# G# C# F# A# D# low to high.  The drop D tuning has the advantage of being able to use the open D string when playing the IV chord.  The tuning down has the advantage of easier bends because of less string tension.
Tabbed out completely, lesson video of 14.30 minutes
Performance video

5- Santa Fe Blues

One of Lightnin's most moving and introspective songs, it really has a special eerie qualitiy.  His mentor, Texas Alexander, was a certain influence for this song.
Also in the key of A and in drop D tuning, tuned a half step low, C# G# C# F# A# D# low to high. 
I transcribed the full song, 4 pages of tab and 30 minutes video.

Performance/Lesson video

6- Last Affair

One of his best songs that came out of the 50ies.  He used the solo as a template for many of his later solo's.  Very interesting vocals as well, sounds like two songs in one.
I tabbed out the complete song (except the third verse which is a repeat of the first verse).
Standard tuning, Key of E
3 pages of tab and a long detailed videolesson with a lot of attention on the vocals (you'll know exactly when and where to sing).
Standard tuning Key of E
Performance video

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