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All songs listed below are fully transcribed but have no video lesson.  


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Mose's Blues

Eddie Pennington recording, fully transcribed

Sunday Blues

Slide instrumental with long fingerpicked introduction.

Open G tuning but tuned a half step up so
low to high  D#G#D#G#CD#

La Chanson Des Vieux Amants (Song For Old Lovers)

Nice fingerstyle arrangement by Harry Sacksioni of this Jacques Brel classic.  Some cool flamenco influenced licks.

In The Beginning

In the Beginning is a slow blues that mixes Lightnin' Hopkins licks with jazz influences. Key of E

Maria Wanders Amid The Thorn

beautiful 15th century carol

Milonga Triste

for nylon string guitar, Atahualpa Yupanqui made this song famous

Frogtime Stagger

a wild slide piece in standard tuning

Four Duck Baker arrangements, not easy but doable and a major progress if you get these under your fingers; a mix of jazz blues and contemporary guitarmusic

Sleepy Time Down South

Might Be The Weather

A Closer Walk With Thee

Not The First Time

Five arrangements by the Welch guitarwizz John James, the first is a contemporary piece, very lyrical, the second is ragtime inspired, the third a very jazzy blues, the fourth is a Django Reinhardt interpretation with tapping and harmonics and the fifth is a contemporary piece in open C tuning

Secrets In The Sky

Mammy 'O Mine

Blues For Felix

Manoir De Mes Rêves/Django's Castle

And A Dog Was Sleeping In The Corner

Lapslide pieces

Gospel Blues Medley

open D tuning and combining Blind Willie McTell's "Jordan River"  and Roosevelt Holts "On That Other Shore"

The Sky is Crying

Open G tuning, based on the playing of Spencer Bohren

Red Sand Serenade
Open G tuning but played in the key of C
Backup chords provided
Akaka Falls
Open G tuning
Backup chords provided

Old Plantation/Hawaian Medley

a tribute to Barney Isaacs


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