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Fingerpicking Jazz volume 2

This pack has 13 songs.  Five instrumentals (*) and Eight with vocals.

The first five songs with vocals are all in the key of C but couldn't be more different. 

1- Cemetery Blues

I learned this Bessie Smith song from Del Rey.  A typical Jazz/Pop/Blues song of the 20ies.  Very original accompaniment that steers away from the typical blues in C à la Blind Blake.  Full  transcription with lyrics written under the tab.

Standard tuning key of C

Performance video                           

2- Walking My Troubles Away

A Blind Boy Fuller song but in the jazzy style of Leon Redbone. Full transcription with lyrics first verse and chorus written under the tab.

Standard tuning (but tuned down a 1/2 step)  C position

Performance/lesson video

3- Ring Them Golden Bells

A Gospel classic in a swinging style.  Lyrics written under the tab.

Standard tuning  Key C 

Performance/lesson video

4- Hurry Home Or I Will Be Gone

The wellknown Jimmy Rodgers song in a Jazzy laid back style, inspired by Duck Baker.  Lyrics written under the tab.

Standard tuning (but tuned down a 1/2 step) C position

Performance/lesson video

5- Buddy Bolden's Blues

Buddy Bolden was an unrecorded legendary cornet player in New Orleans.  A jazzy bluessong in his honor. Lyrics first verse written under the tab.

Standard tuning (but tuned down a 1/2 step) C position

Performance/lesson video

6- Worried Life Blues

The wellknown blues classic with some jazzy influences by my favorite player : Lonnie Johnson.  Lyrics provided, first verse written under the tab.

Standard tuning (but tuned down a half step) E position

Performance/lesson video

7- Blue Mood

A smooth jazzy blues by T-Bone Walker.  Lyrics first two verses written under the tab.

Standard tuning Key E

Performance/lesson video

8- In A Languid Mood*

Composed by British guitarist Louis Gallo, in honor of jazzpioneer Eddy Lang

Standard tuning key of D

Performance/lesson video                                       

9- Mission Street Blues*

A great swing tune arranged by Duck Baker (no videolesson just tab).

Standard tuning key of G

Performance video                    

10- Thou Swell*

A popular jazz standard and show tune from 1927.  An arrangement by Duck Baker.

Standard tuning key G

Performance video                                 

11- Freight Train*

The wellknown Elisabeth Cotton instrumental with some jazzy influences by Pat Donohue and Lenny BreauT

Standard tuning key of C

Performance/lesson video

12- Bord de Seine*

A beautiful gypsy jazz piece by French guitarist Christine Tassan.  Not diffucult to play (no videolesson, just TAB)


13- I Hate Myself For Being Mean To You

No lesson, tab consists of full song (intro, verse, both solo's and ending, lyrics written under tab).  A jazz standard based on the playing of Mike Dowling.  The Boswell Sisters did a great version in the 30ies.

Performance video                                

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