Lesson Pack TABS volume 7

€ 16.50 

Lesson Pack Tabs Volume 7

These 10 tabs (23 pages) accompany the lesson video's (236 minutes in total) for each song.  With the tabs in hand you'll learn these songs much faster and easier.

Cost of this pack of 10 tabs  : only €16.50

That's really cheap if you imagine what you would pay a teacher for all this material.

To order : click on "buy now" and you are directed to Paypal to complete the payment.  Paypal will notify me and then Tabs/pdf's and eventual links to lesson video's are sent by me personally to your Paypal email address.

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Following songs/TABS are included :

1- When I Started Hoboing

Carolina bluesman Charles "Baby" Tate recorded his version of this John Lee Hooker song in 1960 for the elusive movie "The Blues" by Samuel Charters. 

Key of A, standard tuning but I'm a half step low. A great slow swinging moody piece with a terrific hook.  I tabbed out the intro/outro, first verse and all the fills for the other verses.  In the lesson video I go over every verse and also teach the singing.

Performance video


2. That's All Right

Famous Chicago blues by Jimmy Rogers in an acoustic version.
very detailed lessonvideo (38 min.)
Key of E, standard tuning but tuned down a half step.
Great shuffle blues.  I even spend time to the timing of the singing with the guitar.

Performance video

3. Blues Is A Woman

Medium slow and sensual jazzy blues based on a Pat Donohue recording.  I tabbed out the song completely and placed the lyrics under the tab for easy learning. Your fingers will hurt from all those bends but it will be worth it.

Key of E, standard tuning

Performance video


4. Don't Send Me No Letter

A great song by one of the unsung heroes of the blues  : Geoff Bradford.  The song follows a ragtime progression in G but uses an Am chord instead of the usual A7, this gives it a unique flavor.

Key of G, standard tuning, but tuned a half step low

Performance video


5. I Am A Pilgrim

Not too difficult arrangement in the style of Merle Travis, key of E, standard tuning but tuned a half step low.

Performance video

6. Buddy The Blues

Key of G, based on a Pat Donohue song with strong Blind Blake influence.

Performance/lesson video

7. A Face In The Crowd

A Brownie McGhee song in the style of Mike Dowling.

Performance video


8. Willie Mae

Big Bill Broonzy song, highly rhythmic and fun to play.  I adapted the vocal delivery so us mortals can sing it too.  Key of A, standard tuning but tuned a half step down. I transcribed the first verse and an alternate for the E7 section.  The second verse is explained in detail in the lesson video.

Performance video


9. I Got The Blues

Inspired by a song by pianoplayer Maceo Meriwheather.  Influences by Blind Boy Fuller and Blind Lemon Jefferson. Key of A, standard tuning

Performance video


10. Don't Drive Me Away

Catchy melody and not difficult to play.  A song by the little known bluesman Robert Curtis Smith.  Key of E, standard tuning 

Performance video


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