Lesson Pack Volume 10

€ 16.50 

Lesson Pack Tabs Volume 10

These 11 tabs (31 pages) accompany the lesson video's (234 minutes)of the songs listed below.  With the tabs in hand you'll learn these songs much faster and easier.

Cost of this pack of 11 tabs  : only €16.50

That's really cheap if you imagine what you would pay a teacher for all this material.

I teach according the tab in front of me.  All songs are  transcribed so you can play a full arrangement with intro/outro and guitarsolo's.  I also pay special attention to the vocals, you'll know exactly when and where to sing.  Lyrics are provided and mostly written under the tab.

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1 - Ball of Twine

Key of E, standard tuning. 
A great Lightnin' Hopkins tune.  Fully transcribed and with lyrics written under the tab.

Performance video

2 - My Starter Won't Start This Morning

Key of E, standard tuning. 
Based on a rare live recording.  I transcribed the intro, first verse and the two solo's.  The other verses are very similar the the first one but I show and explain them during the videolesson.

Performance video

3 - If You Haven't Any Hay

Key of A, standard tuning
Originally this is a piano piece by Skip James.  My arrangement is based on a recording by Ernie Hawkins.

Performance video

4 - What Am I To Do

Key of A, standard tuning
Also originally a piano piece by Skip James and also based on a recording by Ernie Hawkins; I added the lyrics though as Ernie's version is an instrumental.

Performance video

5 - Risin' River Blues

Key of E, standard tuning
Although I use a 12-string guitar you can play this easely on a six string guitar.  A haunting blues with a strange A6 chord.  I added the solo as the original recording by George Carter doesn't have one.

Performance video

6 - Haunted House Blues

Key of G, standard tuning
A Bessie Smith song based on a recording by Del Rey.  It's a jazzy tuned mainly strummed with a fingerpicked solo.  This one will set you ready for next Halloween.

Performance video

7 - I Can't Give You Anything But Love

Key of C, standard tuning
A jazz standard classic but played without all the fancy jazz chords.

Performance video

8 - Lead Bessy

Key of E, standard tuning.  An instrumental I pieced together and recorded on a 12-string guitar.  This is the version for the 6-string guitar, which is tabbed and taught.

Performance video

9 - Christmas Ball Blues

Key of C, standard tuning tuned down a full step to D.
A Leon Redbone song in his relaxed style.  Easy and fun song to play.

Performance video

10- Le Petit Père Cirage

Key of C, standard tuning
A french musette piece with some ragtime influences.  Originally arranged and recorded by Alain Giroux.

Performance video

11- Shady Lane Blues

Open G tuning capo IV
Based on John Miller's recording of 1972.  The guitaraccompaniment is based on the playing of Buddy Boy Hawkins, the lyrics are derived of the Leroy Carr/Scrapper Blackwell song.

Performance video

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