Easy Lesson Pack

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Easy Lesson Pack

I often get questions like : "what are the easiest lessons?", "do you have easy lessons?"

So, I chose from the existing packs and added a few new songs, 16 lessons, 7 instrumentals and 9 songs, that I consider as easy.  Nevertheless you will need a good foundation in your right hand (for the left hand there are no great difficulties).  With foundation I mean : a basic knowledge of the monotonic and alternating bass.  If you're not there yet check out the "free lessons for beginners" below the dotted line in the navigation bar. 

I chose these songs because they represent a wide range of techniques and flavors in blues. Below you'll find all the performance video's so you can get a good idea what to expect.

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You can also order an individual Tab with lessonvideo from any Lesson or Artist Pack as well.   

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1- Long Time

Lightnin' Hopkins  recorded this short instrumental when he was rediscovered by Mack McGormick in 1959. He didn't record many slow instrumentals so this is kinda special.
The recording session was very informal and Lightnin' was in great form.  Although short it contains many of his typical licks.  You can find the original on the excellent cd "Country Blues" Tradition TCD1003.
I transcribed the full song and explain/demonstrate it in great detail.

Standard tuning  key of E but  tuned a half step low (D# A# F# C# G# D#)

Performance video

2- Minnie's Blues
Open G tuning (DGDGBD) in the style of Memphis Minnie
Performance video

3- Look Down The Road

11- Shuffle and Slide
A mix of picking and sliding.  Open D tuning with a capo on the second fret.

Performance video

12- Less Is More Blues


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