I made two cd's in the past but they are out of print.

I uploaded all the songs as mp3's for you to enjoy.

(right click and save as to download them)

There are also two Lonnie Johnson mp3's that go with the Lonnie Johnson volume 2 ebook.

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Too Late To Cry by Lonnie Johnson The British Tour.mp3

Too Late To Cry by Lonnie Johnson LP version 1963.mp3

Big Road Blues.mp3 Big Road Blues.mp3
Size : 4261.153 Kb
Type : mp3
Joe Turner Killed A Man.mp3 Joe Turner Killed A Man.mp3
Size : 4440.839 Kb
Type : mp3
Leavin' Blues.mp3 Leavin' Blues.mp3
Size : 2444.327 Kb
Type : mp3
Needed Time.mp3 Needed Time.mp3
Size : 3351.61 Kb
Type : mp3
Georgia Blues.mp3 Georgia Blues.mp3
Size : 3051.705 Kb
Type : mp3
Whiskey Moan.mp3 Whiskey Moan.mp3
Size : 5096.996 Kb
Type : mp3
Risin' River Blues.mp3 Risin' River Blues.mp3
Size : 3034.152 Kb
Type : mp3
Gospel Medley.mp3 Gospel Medley.mp3
Size : 5212.597 Kb
Type : mp3
Bad Luck Blues.mp3 Bad Luck Blues.mp3
Size : 3430.558 Kb
Type : mp3
Woke Upe This Morning With My Mind On Jezus.mp3 Woke Upe This Morning With My Mind On Jezus.mp3
Size : 2596.066 Kb
Type : mp3
Crow Jane.mp3 Crow Jane.mp3
Size : 2595.415 Kb
Type : mp3
One Kind Favor.mp3 One Kind Favor.mp3
Size : 4900.273 Kb
Type : mp3
Boogie Dance.mp3 Boogie Dance.mp3
Size : 2672.15 Kb
Type : mp3
Bye Bye Baby Blues.mp3 Bye Bye Baby Blues.mp3
Size : 2594.571 Kb
Type : mp3
Picolo Rag.mp3 Picolo Rag.mp3
Size : 2317.974 Kb
Type : mp3
Worn Out Engine.mp3 Worn Out Engine.mp3
Size : 4240.538 Kb
Type : mp3
Crooked Woman Blues.mp3 Crooked Woman Blues.mp3
Size : 3236.295 Kb
Type : mp3
Lowdown Jailhouse.mp3 Lowdown Jailhouse.mp3
Size : 3018.909 Kb
Type : mp3
Rope Stretchin' Blues.mp3 Rope Stretchin' Blues.mp3
Size : 3079.881 Kb
Type : mp3
Sweet Papa Lowdown.mp3 Sweet Papa Lowdown.mp3
Size : 2456.604 Kb
Type : mp3

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