Lightnin' Hopkins Volume 2

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Note : there are other Lightnin' songs tabbed in "Lightnin' Hopkins Volume 1"  and Lesson Pack Volumes 1-2-3-4 and 8.

Lightnin' Hopkins  Vol. 2

Four tunes are taught in great detail with tab (13 pages) and lesson video's (134 minutes).

1- Mojo Hand (Going To Louisiana)

This song was one of Lightnin's favorite tunes and he recorded it many times.  My version is based on his rendition that was recorded for the Seattle Folk Society in the late sixties.  Lightnin' was in particular good form and played it in a way he never repeated on record.

Standard tuning, key of E

4 pages of tab, 33 minutes lesson video.

 My performance

Here's his version (although he's playing in E position he sounds like he's playing in F)

2- That Woman Named Mary

Some people call it : "possibly the best example of the blues ever played".  It is indeed a stunning performance and Lightnin' at his best.  The song is part of the movie "The Blues According to Lightnin' Hopkins". 

I tabbed out the whole performance with the lyrics written under the tab. I spend a lot of time demonstrating the lyrics and how they interact with the guitar.

Standard tuning, key of E.

Four pages of tab, 50 minutes lesson video

My performance

Lightnin's performance

3- Lightnin' Rocks

An instrumental I pieced together based on different solo's Lightnin' did in "Ball of Twine" and  "Stool Pigeon Blues".

Five verses at a brisk tempo.  Of course you can play this much slower and the solo's are usable in any Lightnin' song.

Standard tuning, Key of E,

3 pages of tab, 39 minutes lesson video

My performance

4- Scratch My Back

Lightnin's version of the Slim Harpo classic.

Fun and easy to play

Standard tuning, Key of E,

2 pages of tab, 12 minutes lesson video

My performance

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