Below you'll find ukulele lessons I posted on YouTube. 

The 8 Tabs to these lessons are a free bonus when you buy all four of my ukulele ebooks (cost €29 instead of €50 - go to one of the ukulele ebook pages for purchase).

If you haven't used ukulele tablature before check out this site to learn all about the signs uses etc.

Following playlist contains all my blues ukulele video's

Lesson on the fingerpicked intro to Blue Skies

Denomination Blues is a Gospel song recorded by Washington Phillips in 1927.  Ry Cooder recorded a version on his second LP "Into The Purple Valley" and made the song popular again.  It has a very pleasing melody.
I'm tuned a half step down   f# B D# G#
Sweet To Mama was recorded by Frank Stokes, a well known Memphis bluesman, in 1927.  It's a popular tune among fingerpicking blues guitarists.
I'm tuned a half step down   f# B D# G#
Melody based on Django Reinhardt's "Low Cotton".
I'm tuned a half step down   f# B D# G#
Canned Heat was recorded by Tommy Johnson, a legendary Delta bluesman, in 1928.  I'm tuned a half step down   f# B D# G#  No tablature for this song but I show all the chords and strumming paterns.
EZ Ukulele Fingerpicking BLues Lesson is an  introduction to fingerpicking and how to get that "independant thumb".
I'm tuned a half step down   f# B D# G#

Mango Blues is a slide song, yes, it's possible to use a slide on the ukulele.  I'm tuned to Open C tuning GECg
EZ Fingerpicking Blues Ukulele Lesson.pdf EZ Fingerpicking Blues Ukulele Lesson.pdf
Size : 598.42 Kb
Type : pdf
EZ introductory lesson to fingerpicking blues ukulele.  An easy song with just 3 chords is demonstrated, as well as how to improvise with these chords so your practice time is meaningful and stimulating.
I'm in standard high G tuning gCEA

Follow-up lesson for the EZ Fingerpicking Blues Lesson.  More turnarounds are taught.  I'm in high G tuning.
Instrumental version of a great blues by Jelly Roll Morton.
I'm in high G tuning.

Same song as the video above but with vocals this time. 
I'm in high G tuning but tuned down a full step (f Bb D G)

Long Tall Girl was recorded by Texas bluesman Mance Lipscomb in the 60ies.
I'm tuned low f Bb D G

An old gospel song in the style of Mississippi John Hurt.
High G tuning.

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