Leon Redbone Pack Volume 1

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To get to know the man better, here's a rare interview he gave Frets Magazine in 1985.  There's also a tab of "Ain't Misbeheaving" in it.

Leon Redbone interview Frets Mag 1985.pdf Leon Redbone interview Frets Mag 1985.pdf
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Type : pdf

Interesting and funny, Dan Levinson, Leon Redbone's clarinet player for 25 years, talks about his adventures on the road with Leon 

Leon Redbone Volume 1

All these songs have been recorded by Leon Redbone and you can find his performances on YouTube.

All the lyrics are provided and  written under the tab for easy learning (except for "Why"). 

25 pages of tab and 180 minutes of lessonvideo's.

1. Mr Jelly Roll Baker

Key of C, standard tuning

Leon Redbone played this Lonnie Johnson song often as there are at least 4 versions on YouTube.  It's one of the few songs in which he desplayed his guitar prowess, sometimes a bit quircky but always interesting.  My version is heavely based on these YouTube versions.

3 pages tab and 27 minute lessonvideo

Performance video


2. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone

Key of G, standard tuning but tuned down a half step

Another one of his favorite songs.  My version is based on his 1977 YouTube performance; one of the few he plays alone.

The guitararrangement is pretty basic, apart from the solo at the end, which is challenging.

4 pages tab 18 minute videolesson

Performance video


3. Sweet Substitute

Key of G, standard tuning but tuned down a half step

Pianist Jelly Roll Morton recorded this song at the end of his career in 1939.  It's one of the first songs he also sang and he turned out to be a great bluesy singer.  Leon was heavely influenced by Jelly Roll's singing and it shows in this song especially.

For the guitararrangement I wanted to step away from the simple comping style Leon uses on this song and I borrowed much of Dave van Ronk's arrangement, although the vocals are more Jelly's and Leon's.

3 pages tab and 25 minute videolesson

Performance video


4. That Old Familiar Blues

Key of C, standard tuning but tuned down a half step

One of Leon's own compositions and a great take on the old style Tin Pan Alley blues.

The accompaniment behind the vocals is kept very simple but has a few unusual steps.  I made my own interpretation of the accompaniment between the verses.

2 pages tab and 10 minute videolesson

Performance video


5. My Walking Stick

Key of Am, standard tuning

One of his most original arrangements of this Irving Berlin songs and really fun to play. 

4 pages tab and 27 minute videolesson

Performance video


6- Big Bad Bill Is Sweet William Now

Key of C, standard tuning

This song is carried by its great lyrics so I kept the guitararrangement simple.

3 pages tab and 20 minute videolesson

Performance video


7. Up A Lazy River

Key of C, standard tuning

Again I wanted to step away from Leon's simple comping style and used much of Duck Baker's arrangement.

Probably the most difficult song in this set.

4 pages of tab and 36 minute videolesson

Performance video


8. Why

Bonus song (it's already in the Lesson Pack volume 5, but it really belongs in this pack as well)

Key of C, standard tuning but tuned down a half step

Another great Jelly Roll Morton song in which Leon's singing really shines.

The guitararrangement is more based on Jelly's singing as Leon comps this very simple on his recording.

2 pages tab and 18 minutes videolesson

Performance video


9. Big Time Woman

One of Leon's showtunes. 

Key of G, standard tuning 

Performance video


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