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Mance Lipscomb Ebook

Ten songs are taught with tablature and lesson video's (190 minutes in total)

I don't believe in reproducing "historical recordings"; I mean by that,  I'm playing these Mance Lipscomb songs in his style but not exactly how he played them.  Some songs have influences of other artists and after 45 years of playing blues, probably some of my own.  Mance neither did play the same song twice.  You'll hear that when you listen to him playing different versions of the same song.

Mance was also known for his "rushing".  He often started a song at a medium tempo but at the end he was playing it at breakneck-speed.  This is an essential part of his musical style and I followed that but not always though.

When it comes to the left hand I would say these songs are easy to intermediate.  When it comes to the right hand I'd say you'll have to have some stamina to keep that bass going.

I also spend time on how to sing the song.  Most songs have lyrics written below the tablature for ease of learning.

Check out my introductory video with free tab on that typical Mance Lipscomb bass (link to the tab is in the videodescription).  Essential to learn his style!

1- Ain't It Hard / Mance Lipscomb
A monotonic bass tune in a seldom used key (A minor).  Another proof of Mance's ingenuity when creating an arrangement.

Performance video

2- So Different Blues / Mance Lipscomb
Mance gave it that title because it's really "different".  It has a few surprises in the chordprogression.
Key of C

Performance video

3- Rock Me All Night Long
I combined several versions.  A real blues standard and not difficult to play.  Interesting break as well.
Key of E

Performance video

4- Baby Please Don't Go
Mance really made this classic his own. Fast paced and great breaks.
Key of E

Performance video

5- Farewell Blues
Mance recorded this unique blues only once.  Another unique arrangement.  It has a great little twist in it.
Key of E

Performance video

6- Evil Blues
A really haunting piece with an unusual twist to Am
Key of E

Performance video

7- Come Back Baby
Another classic piece that Mance made his own.I added some Lightnin' Hopkins licks as well.
Key of A

Performance video

8- If I Miss The Train
A very original song with another unusual twist at the end.
Key of

Performance video

9- You Got To Reap What You Saw

One of Mance's best songs in the key of C

Performance video

10- Captain Captain
One of Mance's unique songs in the key of A with the unusual twist to Dm.

Performance video

Full Option ebook

For only  8 Euro more I'll add to the above ebook all my previous Mance Lipscomb lessons (they are already listed over several of the Lesson Packs).  This offer is interesting for those who don't have the Lesson Packs containing these songs yet.

1- Rocks and Gravel
Another great and original Mance tune in the key of E 

Performance video

2- Bumble Bee Blues
Memphis Minnie's classic in the style of Mance Lipscomb.  Key of E
Performance video

3- Charley James
Another great and original Mance tune in the key of E 
Performance video

4- Going To Louisiana/CC Rider
Key of C
Performance video

5- Joe Turner
A great slide tune in open A
Performance video

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