Sometimes people ask me : "with which lesson pack should I begin"?

Well, if you're able to play the two songs listed here below, you can start with any pack you like (every pack has some easy and not so easy songs, the packs are not graded according the difficulties of the included songs).
If you click on any of the chapters in the navigation bar you will see the links to the performance video's.  So, if you put some time in it you choose the pack with the songs you like the most.

However, it's important that you're able to play a song with a monotonic bass and one with an alternating bass, otherwise the songs in the lesson packs will prove difficult.

"Oh Papa" ,is the easiest lesson for learning the alternating bass.

"Good Morning Blues" is a lesson with a monotonic bass which will not only give you a lot of pleasure to play but also some insights on how to improvise.

"One Way Gal", "Greensleeves" and "My Creole Belle" are also a lessons with an alternating bass.

"Cocaine Blues" is a bit of a mix.

If you enjoy my work, then please take the time to make a small donation, which goes to maintain everything I use to make the music, tabs, video's etc.

Many thanks

TAB Goodmorning Blues Lesson.pdf TAB Goodmorning Blues Lesson.pdf
Size : 663.868 Kb
Type : pdf
TAB One Way Gal.pdf TAB One Way Gal.pdf
Size : 390.565 Kb
Type : pdf
TAB Oh Papa.pdf TAB Oh Papa.pdf
Size : 40.412 Kb
Type : pdf
TAB Cocaine Blues.pdf TAB Cocaine Blues.pdf
Size : 824.602 Kb
Type : pdf
TAB Greensleeves.pdf TAB Greensleeves.pdf
Size : 753.153 Kb
Type : pdf
TAB My Creole Belle.pdf TAB My Creole Belle.pdf
Size : 166.752 Kb
Type : pdf

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