Some old jazz songs.  Available when you'll see all the performance video's below (may take a few months).

I teach according the tab in front of me.  All songs are  transcribed so you can play a full arrangement with intro/outro and guitarsolo's.

1- Singing The Blues

Key of C
In the style of Eddie Lang
Every note has been tabbed out.  Lyrics are written under the tab and I demonstrate them slowly so you'll know when and where to sing.

2- Without My Gal

Key of A
The original song is called "Without That Man", sung by Ruth Etting and accompanied by the guitar of Eddie Lang.  I changed the lyrics for obvious reasons.  The accompaniment is very close to what Eddie Lang plays.
As always, lyrics are provided, written under the tab and taught.

3- Old Rockin' Chair

Key of C
This not too difficult version is inspired by the playing of Brad Littwin.

Again, lyrics are provided, written under the tab and taught

4- Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans

I learned this instrumental arrangement from the french guitarist Alain Giroux.  A great workout with a monotonic bass.

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