Roots Jazz Guitar

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Some old jazz songs.

I teach according the tab in front of me.  All songs are  transcribed so you can play a full arrangement with intro/outro and guitarsolo's.

1- Singing The Blues

Key of C
A Matt Munisteri arrangement in the style of Eddie Lang (this is not the accompaniment Eddie Lang played on the Bix Beiderbecke recording of Singing the Blues).
Every note has been tabbed out.  Lyrics are written under the tab and I demonstrate them slowly so you'll know when and where to sing.

Performance video

2- Without My Gal

Key of A
The original song is called "Without That Man", sung by Ruth Etting and accompanied by the guitar of Eddie Lang.  I changed the lyrics for obvious reasons.  The accompaniment is very close to what Eddie Lang plays.
As always, lyrics are provided, written under the tab and taught.

Performance video

3- Old Rockin' Chair

Key of C
This not too difficult version is inspired by the playing of Brad Littwin and the singing of Mildred Bailey.

Again, lyrics are provided, written under the tab and taught

Performance video

4- Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans

Key of C
I learned this instrumental arrangement from the french guitarist Alain Giroux.  A great workout with a monotonic bass.

Performance video

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