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- order ebooks (tab+video) for guitar or ukulele

- order tablature for some of my YouTube video's

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 Cost?  Only €7.50 (about $8.20) for

- any ebook of your choice,     or

- a Guitar "Lesson Pack Tabs", or

- any two guitartabs    (also those listed in ebooks; so for example for €7.50 you can buy a tab of  the  key of C ebook and a tab of the key of E ebook)

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BUY BOTH UKULELE EBOOKS FOR only €12 instead of €7.50 a piece and safe €3
Send me a message "I want the ukulele special offer" through the "contact me" page at the bottom right if you want to take advantage of this offer.
I will send you a PayPal money request for €12

Two new Lesson Pack TABS 
Volume 2  and  Volume 3

Great value, 10 tabs with videolessons for only €7.50, see sidebar for info


Fingerpicking Jazz ebook

In this ebook I teach 4 songs.  Two instrumentals and two with vocals.Some are easy to intermediate and others darn difficult. But sometimes tackeling a difficult song will make you progress considerably, this will not happen if you stay on the easy stuff. See "Fingerpicking Jazz ebook" in navigation bar for more info.

How to order

click on "buy now", here below, and you are directed to Paypal where you can safely complete the payment.

Important!  You'll have to let me know what you've paid for.  Add
a "message to seller"  to your Paypalpayment   or contact me with the form "contact me" in the navigation bar.

Upon receipt of your payment I will personally send the tabs (pdf's) and videolinks to your emailaddress.
I live in europe, possiblily a different timezone than yours, so it could take a few hours for your order to arrive.

Questions?  Don't hesitate to use the "contact me" form (see bottom right of the navigation bar)

€ 7.50 

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