Slide Guitar Ebook

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Good to know!

All my video's are YouTube video's and they have now a setting that allows you to reduce their speed by 25 to 50% and keep the original pitch!
Click on the little settings wheel in the right hand bottom corner of the YouTube screen; then click on "speed 0.75" or "0.50" to slow down.

Slide Guitar Ebook

5 instrumental songs are taught

All the verses of each song are tabbed out and have accompagning video lessons that demonstrate every move plus valuable tips on slide playing in general.

1- Miss Stella Slides

A great song to get started.
A catchy melody and slide phrases that can be used in any bluessong.Bo Carter
Open G tuning but a semitone up so from low to high it's D#G#D#G#CD#
At the end of the last lesson video I also demonstrate how you can improvise using the material you learned.

performance video

2- Red River Valley

A free flowing bluesy version of a wellknown traditional
Open D tuning but a semitone up so from low to high its D#A#D#GA#D#

performance video

3- Blue Hula

A mix of blues and Hawaiian sounds.
Also in open G tuning tuned up a semitone

performance video

4- Blue Paloma

An avanced piece of Delta Blues playing.
Lotsa licks that are useful in any blues slide song.

performance video

5- Blue Shadows

An easy to intermediate instrumental in open G tuning.  A mix of slide and fretting.  Cool driving medium tempo in the style of Mike Dowling. All 6 verses are taught.
Lesson and performance video

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