Memphis Minnie Ebook

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Good to know!

All my video's are YouTube video's and they have now a setting that allows you to reduce their speed by 25 to 50% and keep the original pitch!
Click on the little settings wheel in the right hand bottom corner of the YouTube screen; then click on "speed 0.75" or "0.50" to slow down.


Memphis Minnie Ebook

In this ebook I teach five songs in Memphis Minnie's style, with tab (17 pages) and lessonvideo's (2.5 hours).

1- Minnie's Blues

The easiest song and you could consider it as preparation for the other lessons in open G.
All verses are transcribed and explained in the accompagning video's. 

Performance video

2- When The Levee Breaks

Is an exciting piece to play.  It looks difficult but it's not really that hard,there are no complicated fingerings but it's right hand speed that does the trick.
All the verses have been tabbed out and the video's explain and demonstrate every lick.
Open G tuning

Performance video

3- Where's My Good Man At

Another Memphis Minnie classic in open G tuning

Performance video

4- Drunken Barrelhouse Blues

A typical Memphis Minnie tune in the key of G.  I added a few licks of other songs and players, like eg Blind Blake, as well.  The only difficult part is to get it up to speed.

Performance video 

5- What's The Matter With The Mill

A rocking version of Memphis Minnie's most covered song (even Muddy Waters did a version).

Key of D

Performance Video

Lesson Video

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