Below you'll find some free ukulele tabs, lesson and performance video's.

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Last year I got 9 wanna be #10...?

If you haven't used ukulele tablature before check out this site to learn all about the signs uses etc.

Following playlist contains all my blues ukulele video's

TAB Sweet To Mama.pdf TAB Sweet To Mama.pdf
Size : 1615.404 Kb
Type : pdf
TAB Tell Me Baby.pdf TAB Tell Me Baby.pdf
Size : 1215.722 Kb
Type : pdf
The video below is an introduction to fingerpicking and how to get that
"independant thumb"

Performance video
Lesson video for Mango Blues/slide ukulele
TAB Mango Blues Ukulele.jpg TAB Mango Blues Ukulele.jpg
Size : 359.981 Kb
Type : jpg
Video below teaches you how to get started with fingerpicking the ukulele.
EZ Fingerpicking Blues Ukulele Lesson.pdf EZ Fingerpicking Blues Ukulele Lesson.pdf
Size : 598.42 Kb
Type : pdf
TAB Winin Boy uke.pdf TAB Winin Boy uke.pdf
Size : 0.72 Kb
Type : pdf
Size : 562.839 Kb
Type : pdf
Praying On The Old Campground.pdf Praying On The Old Campground.pdf
Size : 601.657 Kb
Type : pdf
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