Bo Carter ebook

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Bo Carter was a fantastic guitar player.  He played in a variety of tunings and keys and his harmonic sense was unique in country blues.  He demonstrates a higher degree of complexity and sophistication than many of his contemporaries.  He recorded from 1928 till almost 1941.  The reason is simple : he produced quality till his last session.

I recorded 6 of his songs and made videolessons with tab for each of them.

Following songs are taught :

1- Old Devil

A great example of how unique Bo's guitar playing was.  He does things no-one ever did in the key of E.  This song is a forerunner of some of the stylings Mississippi Hill players use now. I adapted some of the harsh lyrics though.

Key of E

2- Let's Get Drunk Again

One of his finest guitar pieces, some beautiful single string runs and great solo's. 

Key of C with a intriguing bridge in E

3- Biscuits

A fine ragtime flavored tune.  Easy and fun to play

Key of C

4- Some Day

My favorite Bo Carter song.  Bo's very original take on some of Blind Blake's style of playing.  Lotsa single string licks and double thumbwork, but since it's a slow song, not too hard and great practice.  One of Bo's tougher songs and with an interesting harmonic structure. 

Key of C

5- The Law Gonna Step On You

For a long time people thought Bo recorded a lot of songs in open G tuning but it turned out they were in G6 or dropped G tuning (DGDGBE), which was much easier to play.    He was not the only one to use this tuning but the musical language (all chords up the neck) he used was unique.  This song has also a very unique structure, Bo used it only once.

Key of G

6- I Want You To Know

Another gem in dropped G tuning.  The left hand is really easy, as in most of Bo's pieces, and the right hand part is open to much variation, which makes it fun to play

Key of G

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